Friday, November 26, 2010

neighborhood walk...

this morning...mrchazman, my brother (kevin) and i decided to take a walk thru the parent's neighborhood.  it was saddening that there were so many empty houses.  of course i took my camera with me...and...i'm glad i did.  


not a lot of walking for this pet.  as we walked thru the park...we saw the gentleman stop the scooter...and the dog hopped on.  as they approached...i readied the camera. 


when we were further down the street from this car...i asked...are those post-it notes?  as we got closer...we saw that they were.  someone has a LOT of time on their hands...and i believe a slight mean streak.  the message:  i hope you are happy that i returned your post-its...with one word on each of the post-its on the back window.  yikes!!!  somebody needs to take a chill pill!  


i liked these rocks.  they're on the corner of the medians at the intersections.  i'm sure any observers thought i might have needed to take my own meds for photographing's not the strangest thing i've ever photographed...and...i'm pleased with the outcome.  


interesting mailbox.  i said the house belonged to a hells angel.  i have no clue...but...that's better than the speculation i made about the house with the 8 foot wooden privacy fence around it...with the big BEWARE OF DOG sign posted on the gate.  #serialkiller #drugdealer #nothingnice


i also liked this house.  the front door faces the corner...which i thought was rather unusual...and set it apart from the other houses in the neighborhood. the good's for is looking it up.  even though we love our house...we don't exactly love our neighborhood.  

when this neighborhood was first built...the houses were out of my price range.  now...i'm considering the possibilities.  

lots of people in the neighborhood were decorating their houses...which i'll do start tomorrow when i get home...if it's not raining.  

happy holidays!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

fall colors of napa...

i live about 15 minutes from napa...and visit there quite often.  
these photos are from a trip i took there on 11/10 with my meetup group.