Wednesday, June 30, 2010

garden girl...

day 4.

have you noticed that i sorta, un-intentionally have a theme going?  i realized it just now...and i typed the title of this post.  it'!!!  there seems to be a lot going on back there lately.'s the first place i go when i get home from work in the evening.  

well..prepare to see more of it...cause...the tomatoes are ripening!!! and i've got a pumpkin that's the size of an egg.  now...if only my peppers and zucchini would do better.  

*doesn't it look like garden girl has a face?  :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

garden additions...

christa's challenge.  one shot.  sooc (straight out of camera).

day 3.

two years ago...i went to my local hardware store slash nursery...and picked up a variety of flowers for my garden.  i called it my noah's ark it seemed i was planting two of everything.  

when reading one of my many gardening books over the weekend...i saw that you should plant odd numbers of it gives a more 'natural' look.  no i didn't purchase flowers...and instead planted seeds that i'd harvested from last year's plants.  


tonight...i decided to add a few more flowers to the i now want that 'completely filled in look' that i've seen in some of my magazines.  

i scattered seeds of mexican hat and add touches of yellow & burnt orange to the and white that already exists.  i've never grown the mexican hat flowers before...and purchased the seeds earlier this year.  the sunflowers are second generation seeds...harvested from last year's plants. 

Monday, June 28, 2010

fountain pen...

christa's challenge.  one shot.  sooc (straight out of camera). 

day 2...
i've loved using fountain pens for as long as i can remember.  when my parents were getting my school supplies each year...i always asked for addition to the regular ball point pens that i was getting.

as an adult...i have continued my love for them...and am like a kid in a candy store when i receive my levenger catalogs.

though i have a blackberry...and my online calendars...i still maintain a paper i have always enjoyed putting pen to paper.

yes...i am right-handed...though if you were to examine anything i'd'd swear i was a i turn the page sideways...and write with a backwards slant. 


curves applied...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

i'm in...

anyone that knows me...knows i love a challenge.  i mean...i'm on my third 365.  

so...when christa mentioned a one-shot, sooc (straight out of camera) photo challenge...i was in.

day 1... 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


both of these photos are from the same bouquet of flowers.   

the flowers are arranged in a coffee cup...and decorate the tables at sweetie pies in napa. 
 the first photo is my favorite.
but i'm going to have them both printed for my office.  
the two sides...and the contrasting colors complement each other nicely. 
perhaps in addition to discovering a new restaurant...
i have a new florist as well.  

so far...i've only had dessert at sweetiepies...
but i'm looking forward to going there for breakfast.