Tuesday, November 24, 2009


a couple of weeks ago...my meetup group had a twilight shoot at mare island. long exposures was something i admired...but had never attempted. until that night.


carquinez bridge...

manual. bulb. 3 seconds exposure.

when everyone else was painting buildings w/flashlights...i turned my lens towards the bridge. i like it...but now that i've practiced for a couple weeks...i think i can do better.


cloudy sf nite...

manual. bulb. 2 second exposure.

this is the photo i've always wanted to take. the bridge. the city. now that the buildings are decorated for the holidays...i'm ready to go back.


vallejo marina mural...

manual. iso 400. 10 second exposure.

i went out shooting with a friend...and we practiced light painting.. i had a lot of fun...but the area we went to was a little too well-lit. we plan to go out again soon.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

with pancakes...

remember that chicken i made on sunday? well...today i had it for breakfast...with pancakes.

every since i first had chicken n waffles at roscoes in oakland...i have been a fan. the crispy, salty goodness of the chicken...paired with the buttery, sweet waffles (er um...pancakes) is a flavorful combination!

so...since i worked virtually today...i thought i'd make myself up a batch...as well as getting my photo op of the day.


adding the egg to the bowl.

cooking them on the griddle.

stacking them as i remove them. i always make extra so that i can freeze and microwave them for a quick breakfast.

and...1/2 chicken breast to go with them.

yum. yum.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

roasted veggies...

this morning...while watching my favorite channel...the food network...i saw this recipe for roasted carrots and parsnips with thyme prepared by danny boome.

this was not only my first time preparing parsnips...but my first time ever eating them. it won't be my last. they were delish!


parsnips & carrots have been peeled, quartered and seasoned.

after roasting.

i also roasted some asparagus. tossed w/olive oil. seasoned w/garlic and kosher salt.

the protein of the day...fried chicken.

frying foods is a rarity for me...occurring maybe...once a quarter. but...since i've been serving so much roast or baked chicken...i thought this would be a nice change.

and tomorrow...i'll have it with waffles!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

day in the life...

today...i participated in the flickr group a day in the life - 110409.

for a photographic change of pace...i used my lensbaby for all of my photos. i've learned a lot about exposure since the last time i used it. now...i just need to use it more often...to gauge more accurately the dof.


photo 1 ~ our company sponsored a hunger campaign. i was our local coordinator. today...i sent the checks to the food bank. our company will match at 50%.


photo 2 ~ lunch at my desk.


photo 3 ~ triple vision. potpourri, reflection & the street below.


photo 4 ~ workout time.


i was also going to have a photo of my dinner preparations...but...its been a long day.