Monday, April 16, 2012

white cloud...

white cloud... by credd
white cloud..., a photo by credd on Flickr.

the artist is andy cao. this is one of the gardens at cornerstone sonoma.

here's a link to the gardens...and here's an article about the piece.

it was interesting watching it going up. i need to go back in the early evening to photograph it then.

i also have photos of his 'red latern' project. i'll try and post those tomorrow.

i have quite a few photos to go thru.

here are a couple of links to the two works i mentioned...

this is red latern.

this is bai yun (white cloud).

Thursday, April 5, 2012


splendor... by credd
splendor..., a photo by credd on Flickr.


this is the photo of mine that was chosen to hang in the photo department at the college.

i'm taking a LR3/CS5 class this semester...
and one of our assignments was to write a paper on our 'photographic style'.
i wrote mine on my preferences for a shallow depth of field.

i then had to submit 20 photos that fit that criteria...
make them into a slideshow...
make them into a website...
and print and mat my five faves.

this week we had to bring those photos back to class...
so that the rest of the class could view them.

we all displayed our photos around the classroom...
and then we went around and picked our fave from each person's group.

each student's top photo was displayed up front...
and we then voted for our fave five photos overall.

this photo tied for second.

i now have two photos hanging in the photo department.
i must go visit them.


this week...
we began the cs5 portion of the class.
i'll have three photo projects to create.
i'm looking forward to sharing them with you.