Sunday, February 28, 2010


i just had a NIGHTMARE of a dream.

i was walking along the coast...and stopped in a new restaurant i saw. the prices were ASTRONOMICAL. $50 for a salad!!! i ate an appetizer.

lunch over...time to head back to wherever the heck i'd come from.

i'm almost back...and realize it's day 100 of my #project365...and i see the perfect photo! i looked down at my camera and noticed that my lens was GONE!!!

i saw the lens on the ground...and a CAT came from nowhere and snatched it up. i chased that damn cat...but of course...he was faster than i was now on the scavenger hunt from HELL.

first i found the lens cap. then the filter. then my macro adapter. finally i found the lens. i'm getting UP now...cause i have had ENOUGH!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

pizza night...

tonight...i made pizza.

years ago...that would have been a meal relegated to week-end cooking...or one of those 'take-out' only meals. but...being able to purchase packaged pizza dough and sauce from one of my favorite stores (trader joes) has made the task much easier.

i usually make a cheese pizza...but tonight...i added a bit of sliced red onion...and some chopped baby portabello mushrooms.

pizza and a glass of wine - the perfect meal while watching the live webcast of photoshop's 20th anniversary celebration.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the power of suggestion...

today...i'm virtual.

i was sitting at the computer downstairs...working & listening to the radio. i like listening to the everyday foods show on xmradio.

what do they start talking about? pancakes! what do i start thinking about? pancakes! what am i going to do? make pancakes! with bacon!

i go put some bacon in the oven...and get back to work.

i keep a supply of fruits and nuts in my freezer...reach for the blueberries and pecans...oh...and some cranberries for tartness.

this morning...i honored mardi gras (fat tuesday) with my pancakes. tonight...i'll be back on track with a spinach salad.


update...well...i had the spinach salad...i just had it with this!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

sweets for the sweet...

today i went to a candy store.

i saw the store last night...and somehow...ended up there today...with camera in hand...and money in my pocket!

there were lots of old-fashioned today's prices.


here's what i bought!!!
  • bubblegum cigs...

  • chick-o-stick bites...

did you notice they are made by atkinson's? remember...that's the name of the store i kept in business when i was growing up. wow...they must have made a grip off of me!!!

  • atomic fire balls...

i used to spend quite a bit on these. when i saw them in the store today...i immediately grabbed a handful!!!

  • now laters...

and...yet another fave. i only bought a few of these.

thanks for sharing this trip down memory lane with me. now...i'm going downstairs to get some of my candy. :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010


feed a cold? starve a fever? the heck with that...give me some drugs!

i can feel it coming on. the scratchy throat. the chills. the slight sinus headache. i refuse to give in. besides...i had my flu shot!

just in case i need some extra help...i've stocked the fridge with juice and fresh fruit...and the cupboards with dried berries.


tuesday's defense...

hot toddy. tea, lemon, honey & whiskey. it didn't cure me...but i felt better!


wednesday's defense...

i didn't drink my usual 5+ cups of coffee...and instead had many cups of tea w/ lemon and lime. it not only kept the chill away...but i stayed hydrated.

i even had some red wine sangria and chocolate for dessert. :)



i went for the super salad. the leafy greens...topped with carrots, nuts and berries...with a squeeze of lime juice for my citrus. heck...i even drank some tea.

but...i'm a bit chilly...and can feel the slight bit of soreness in my throat when i swallow.

i've already called mrchazman...and he's going to pick me up some nyquil. cherry flavor please. it's what i turn to year after year to whip these germs into shape so that i can start feeling like me again.

what's your cure-all?

*** case you want to know what foods contain what...

vitamins and anti-oxidants...
  • a . carrots, tomatoes
  • b . citrus, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes
  • c . nuts, lettuce , veggie oil
  • polyphenols . red wine, cranberries, tea