Friday, December 31, 2010

gather your thoughts...

today i completed my third 365.  it's been a heck of a year in my personal & professional life.  taking a photo a day and posting it...has been the glue in my life that held everything together.  

in the beginning of the year...our offices were so busy...we brought on dozens of employees in the span of a few months.  and just as quickly...we let them all go...and then some.  

the things going on in my personal life have all the makings of a blockbuster at the box office...though no credits rolled to signal the end.  

no matter how crazy things get...things are always better when i'm planning that next photo.  or glancing at the way the light caresses an object 'just so'.  

i have some wonderful opportunities coming my way in 2011...and i aim to take advantage of every one of them.  

all the best to you and yours for a healthy, happy & prosperous new year!  

Sunday, December 5, 2010

quack. quack.

this week i had a doc appt.  the reason?  i went to pick up one of my prescriptions...and without letting me doc had cancelled my prescription saying that i needed to be seen before they would give me refills.  well...i don't have a problem with that...but ummm...could you let ME know? doc was booked until the latter part of i accepted an appt with another doc for december 1.  

the nurse comes to the waiting room to get me.  i was drinking a he starts talking about how it could cause high blood pressure.  i tell him...its decaf.  

we go back to the exam room...he takes my blood pressure...still chatting about the coffee and a friend of his. bp was normal.  

he asks if i've had a hysterectomy.  i say no.  

he asks what meds i'm taking.  i say...isn't it in the computer?  i give this to the nurse every time i'm here...and it always gets entered into the computer. happens to it after that?  

he then you were here this morning...and now you're back.  i  

he says...what's your name again?  i're kidding, right?  i then give him my name.  

he's like...oh...i see what happened.  the person before you didn't show...and her record is still open.  he then has to remove all of my info from her record.  *i guess that's why it's not in my chart.   

then he asks...have you had a hysterectomy?  i chuckle...then!  

fast forward...

the doc comes in.  

he asks...have you had a hysterectomy?