Sunday, November 8, 2009

roasted veggies...

this morning...while watching my favorite channel...the food network...i saw this recipe for roasted carrots and parsnips with thyme prepared by danny boome.

this was not only my first time preparing parsnips...but my first time ever eating them. it won't be my last. they were delish!


parsnips & carrots have been peeled, quartered and seasoned.

after roasting.

i also roasted some asparagus. tossed w/olive oil. seasoned w/garlic and kosher salt.

the protein of the day...fried chicken.

frying foods is a rarity for me...occurring maybe...once a quarter. but...since i've been serving so much roast or baked chicken...i thought this would be a nice change.

and tomorrow...i'll have it with waffles!

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