Tuesday, June 29, 2010

garden additions...

christa's challenge.  one shot.  sooc (straight out of camera).

day 3.

two years ago...i went to my local hardware store slash nursery...and picked up a variety of flowers for my garden.  i called it my noah's ark flowerbed...as it seemed i was planting two of everything.  

when reading one of my many gardening books over the weekend...i saw that you should plant odd numbers of plants...as it gives a more 'natural' look.  no worries...as i didn't purchase flowers...and instead planted seeds that i'd harvested from last year's plants.  


tonight...i decided to add a few more flowers to the garden...as i now want that 'completely filled in look' that i've seen in some of my magazines.  

i scattered seeds of mexican hat and sunflower...to add touches of yellow & burnt orange to the purple...red and white that already exists.  i've never grown the mexican hat flowers before...and purchased the seeds earlier this year.  the sunflowers are second generation seeds...harvested from last year's plants. 


  1. i was about the deadhead my sunflowers last year...and stopped off at the laptop...and read a tweet about saving the seeds. it was like she wrote it just for me. :)