Wednesday, July 7, 2010

not fractured...

so...sunday afternoon...mrchazman and i were walking in suisun...going to see & shoot some fireworks.  about a block from the car...the sidewalk was uneven (and i looking straight ahead and not down) didn't see it. 

i tripped...flying fast & crashing to the sidewalk...knees first...before completing my fall by sliding on the palms of my hand and my right forearm to come to a rest hanging  off the curb.  my freshly polished toenails now looking as if someone had taken a sander to them (as most of the polish was gone along with a couple of layers of nail).  

the paramedic asked me if i was embarrassed...but i was in pain.  another couple came up behind us...and offered to help me up...but i needed to sit there for a minute.  make sure nothing was broken.  the last time i'd fallen (ten years ago) i broke both my tibia and fibula...and i didn't want a repeat.  

when i was finally able to stand...the knee pain was immediate.  a knot the size of a softball had formed and i could tell it was going to get worse before it got better.  mrchazman offered to take me home  but i'd been looking forward to the event for weeks and i wasn't gonna let a little fall send me packing. 

in hindsight...i should have gone home.  i managed to hobble to a restaurant where i got an ice pack and a glass of water to take some pain pills.  though the pain of the knee prevented me from being able to participate in all of the evening's events...i did enjoy being out. 

today i went to the doctor and discovered the knee is not fractured...but i did manage to chip the corner of the patella...and also discovered i have a couple on bone spurs...which cause arthritis.  oh joy!!! 

tonight...mrchazman went to the store...and brought me an icy hot medicated roll.  i didn't know they even made such a thing!!!  i promptly wrapped both knees...and am felling better already!  ahhhh....the surprises he brings me from the store in my 50s are much different than the ones i received in my 20s...but are so much more useful...though i'll always have a use for jewelry!!!  

ok...somebody tell him...or perhaps i'll send him an email link to this post so he'll go to the jewelry department for my gift...especially since our 31st anniversary is coming up. 


  1. Send me his email. I'll make sure he gets the message. Speedy recovery!

  2. Sorry to hear of your mishap... get better quick, the WWPW is coming soon and I KNOW you don't want to miss that! :-)

  3. Sorry to hear about the fall. Hope it mends fast and the pain goes away quickly!

  4. Ouch!!! That was a terrible spill. I can't even imagine the earlier fall where you broke multiple bones. Yikes. Get well as quickly as possible please.

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  7. @joey - thanks for the offer & well wishes!

    @maggiegem - i know. i'm doing the wwpw no matter what!!!

    @sharkbayte - thank you!

    @vision63 - yeah...i do things in a BIG way! thank you!

    @shaznyc - it was & still is. thank you!

  8. @shaznyc - i had a typo in my post & unfortunately i removed your post instead of mine. :(