Saturday, January 15, 2011

close to home...

i've been bookmarking local venues that i want to visit in my yelp profile...and had been wanting to visit moschetti's for a couple of months now.  i finally got there today.  

with the addy plugged into my phone's gps...we passed the place a couple of times before i saw it...tucked back from the road...on a street that looked as if someone had just stuck a street sign there.  

once we'd parked and entered the gates...we were still a bit puzzled.  in actuality...moschetti's is a coffee roaster...and they have tastings on saturday mornings that are open to the public.  ah.  we chatted for a bit...and i was given a cup of coffee to taste.  the owner then appeared...and offered to make us some cappuccinos.  we went back inside...chatting some more.  *the coffee and cap were both very tasty!  

when we were about to leave...i noticed the espresso sculpture...and asked it i could photograph it.  after i took a few photos...the owner beckoned me inside to show me another sculpture that he had on the wall.  

before we left...we found out that they have an actual cafe in hercules.  i love to support local...independent i'll be visiting there in the next week or so.  

sculptures by patrick amiot.  


  1. I like the image of the coffee pot. The sculpture is really cool. I will have to visit.

  2. thank you! i want to go see more of the sculptor's work too.