Sunday, July 15, 2012

backyard adventures...

backyard adventures... by credd
backyard adventures..., a photo by credd on Flickr.
i don't know if these are a type of ladybug...
as i've always know ladybugs to be red...
but i tend to see this kind in my backyard.

i spotted this one this evening...
when i went out to look at my echinacea plant.

this is one plant in my garden that signal 'summer' to me.
we planted this one YEARS ago...
and every year since...
i've watch with anticipation...
as the plant grows...
and the flowers begin to form and open.

i think this little guys been waiting too.
as i watched and photographed him going from petal to petal.

i hope he enjoyed his adventure...
as much as i enjoyed capturing it.

*update - it's a spotted cucumber beetle.


  1. Nice shot. Is this a new specie of ladybug? Its quite different from the what we see frequently.

    1. it was ID'd for me as a 'spotted cucumber beetle'. i'll be on the lookout for them in my garden. they're not as helpful as the ladybug.

  2. "They are sucking invaders which harm crops and ornamental plants." Well, I guess the spotted cucumber beetle isn't so "friendly" after all.

    1. not friendly at all. unfortunately...i see them ALL the time!!! i've notified your dad to be on the lookout for them!