Friday, May 24, 2013


144/365 by credd
144/365, a photo by credd on Flickr.
sweet tangerine tomato.

this is my first year growing these...
and i'm very excited for my harvest.

these are an early, determinate tomato...
they are very compact...
and ripen all at once.


more info...
  • Are often called “bush” tomatoes
  • They grow to about 3 or 4 feet high
  • The entire crop yields at the same time, usually within one to two weeks
  • The plant stops growing when the fruit sets on the terminal bud
  • The plant dies after the crop occurred
  • They prefer some level of staking or caging, but can function without any
  • Suckers shouldn’t be removed, and tomato plants shouldn’t be pruned, or you run the risk of ruining or reducing your crop significantly. Reason is that these tomato plants are wired genetically to produce a certain number of stems, leaves and flowers. If you mess it up, you will interfere with the abundance of the crop
  • Compact and bushy plants, you can grow determinate tomatoes in containers, pots, buckets, any kind of container
  • The seed catalogs usually refer to them as DET, or Determinate Tomatoes. If in doubt, contact the seed vendor
  • Determinate varieties are favored by the tomato industry: mass production growers tend to prefer this type of tomato as it allows them to mechanically harvest the entire crop at once
  • Many hybrid tomatoes are determinate
  • Great for people who want a massive amount of tomatoes all at once for canning, saucing, freezing
  • Early varieties are usually determinate tomatoes

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