Sunday, May 10, 2009

when life gives you lemons...

preserve them!

it seems that every weekend now...i'm creating something in the kitchen. this is preserved lemons.

why? because i like them. when a co-worker mentioned to me that he was preserving lil ole brain started churning.

i also remembered how i kept eating the lemons out of the chicken tangine at the moroccan restaurant i was at last month. and...since i had just picked up a bag of lemons at costco...and this seemed like a better use for them than having them wilt away in glass after glass of sun tea...i am preserving lemons!

how? it's so simple...even a child can do it. well...once you cut the lemons for them they can do it. and...if their pouring skills have not yet been perfected...then you might want to assist with that part too. maybe a child can't do it. but it's really easy!

there are quite a few different recipes out there...but this one is the simplest i've seen...and the one i used.

*i did this last night at midnight...and the jar is now over half full of juice. i am going to enjoy watching the process.


  1. This is SOOOO right up my alley... Im dggin this.

  2. OH YUMMY!!!! and your photography is to die for! I just found you on Twitter. Thank you for following me so I could find you!
    Happy Weekend New NIKON friend.

  3. Wow, you used a really pretty glass jar, too. Lovely looking. So glad your preserved lemons are giving you so much inspiration.