Saturday, May 23, 2009

garden mysteries... i'm sure by now you know that i love growing, veggies, herbs...and i also love to photograph the things i grow. i've been watching & waiting patiently for my agapanthus to bloom...and i finally saw the buds begin to open this week.

i turned on the sprinklers because i thought i would prefer to photograph them with droplets of water still clinging to the blooms.

the next morning...when mrchazman went out to get the paper...he found that one of the flowers had been pulled up...and tossed in the grass. i couldn't believe it.

was it someone that saw me taking photos? was it the girl that came to the door asking for donations...and because she was pounding on the door...she didn't get one?

i guess it doesn't really matter who it was...or why they did what they did. i'm going to continue to plant & photograph my flowers. why? because it gives me pleasure. and that's what matters.

for my enjoyment &'s a photo of another one. i love the way the flowers look as if they're spilling out of the pod. i wonder how many more are in there? we'll just have to wait & see.

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  1. LOVING THIS...... I was out playing with my new macro lens today. SOOO MUCH TO LEARN... you are inspiring to me so thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your love of capturing life.

    PS - your google following Icon is not showing up. This happen to me when I deleted the photo on the Picasa photo page. You may need to go into the Settings / profile edit and re-add your photo.