Monday, June 22, 2009

disposable income...

i'm taking control!!!

today was the first day that i actually went into a store and came out with only the items i went inside to pick up in the first place.

i'm an impulse shopper.

the racks near the checkout counter were put there for me!

it's like they have a neon sign know you wanna!!!

well...this morning...i forgot my lunch at home.

i thought of going to the mall to do a little 'looking' and pick up some lunch. but...i went to the grocery store instead.

i walked directly to the deli. bought the sandwich meal deal (comes with chips & a drink for $7.50)...and got the heck outta dodge! why? cause i know me.

when the guy behind the counter asked if i wanted the meal deal...i said 'yes'. if i had gone off wandering about the store to get items to go with my sandwich...who knows what i would have ended up purchasing.

oh...and there's a starbucks inside the store also. i took a few steps towards it. stopped myself because i already had my beverage. *see sentence two paragraphs up that said i bought the sandwich meal deal.

besides...i already have beverages in the refrigerator under my desk at work. lots of beverages. i also have some nibbles inside...that i could have had for lunch...but...i mean...i needed to spend some money.


  1. Good for you! I'm proud! LOL I do the same thing. I can not walk into Target and NOT buy everything in sight! I'm doing better though!

  2. You are much MUCH stronger than me. The stands at the aisle with candy, gum, toys, batteries WHATEVER! I always feel like I have to pick something up "just in case".