Wednesday, June 3, 2009

birthday wishes...

june 3, 2009. my 52nd birthday!

i always celebrate my birthday for a couple of weeks. i don't make i prefer to just do whatever i feel like doing vs. having to do something because its been planned...then going thru with it and feeling downright miserable! i don't do that anymore!

so...even though i didn't take the day off from work...i had a great day! i was scheduled to be at a meeting all pretty much spent the day sitting in a conference room...where there was a non-stop parade of food ~ bagels & fruit for breakfast, lasagna & salad for lunch, cookies & then a cake.

the meeting was very productive; however, once i got out of the meeting...i had family & friends to talk to...emaills to return...and a birthday to celebrate!

i hadn't spoken to anyone in my family...and i was missing my birthday greetings. when my mother calls...i just hold the phone and wait for the singing to commence. she doesn't just sing the 'regular' happy birthday get a medley.

at 52...i'm pretty set in my ways. i have quite a few hobbies...but not enough hours to enjoy them all. i've contemplated a schedule...but what would be the fun in that. i've been paying for my gym membership for years...but have only started going in the past year...and am finding that i enjoy it. i used to read more books than i do now...but lately...i mainly read tweets. my 53rd year...i'll continue doing most of what i've done in the past...and see if i can uncover a few more hours in the day to tackle some of my newest hobbies.'s time for a glass of bubbly. cheers!


  1. happy birthday to you!
    I really like to peak onto your blog and read your posts. Thank you for sharing your thoughts :)

  2. Belated Happy Birthday to you!!! I am exactly one day behing you.

    Found you blog via twitter -->Rob Weiler, "Nikon Princess" caught my eye, very nice.

  3. Happy belated birthday credd,and thank you for sharing your thoughts with me i enjoyed and loved it.Im sure i will enjoy your blogs