Saturday, October 31, 2009


we didn't have a very large turnout of trick-or-treaters this year, so we have a LOT of leftover candy. a LOT! this bowl holds quite a bit...and i have two of them.

the kids that did come by were mostly babies.

when i say babies...i mean...quite a few that probably couldn't even crawl. the rest were barely walking toddlers.

there was this one little tyke (don't think he could walk yet) that was propped next to the door...looking very cute. i put some animal crackers into his little bag and his father reached down to pick him up & carry him to the next house. as the father & son were heading down my walkway...i look up to see that the father's pants were saggin so low that his ENTIRE butt was exposed. i wonder if he understands the meaning history behind his costume.

at about 8:15...i'd had enough of the babies...and was on my way to turn out the light...when the doorbell rang out once more.

i opened the door...commenting as i did that they were my last trick-or-treaters of the night. two teenagers greeted me. one girl. one guy. he was on a cell phone.

she...dutifully held her bag opened...and said 'thank-you' when i had given her a handful of candy.

he...was busy on his cell phone.

i...asked him how was he trick-or-treating on a cell phone.

he...smiled...thought i was joking & continued to talk.

i...started closing the door.

he...quickly figured out that i wasn't joking.


he...put the phone aside & held open his bag. he...then saw the hubby in his mask & remarked at how cool he thought that was.

i...gave him some candy (though not as much as i gave the girl)...and turned off the lights.

next year...i think we'll go out.

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