Saturday, April 17, 2010

cause i like having too much to do...

so...i'm about to embark on yet another venture.  with my daughter.  we were talking the other day...and i...sort of casually said to her...we should do a project together.  a blog.  an etsy.  a website.  something! my surprise...said yes!!! 

it will involve photography.  it will involve food.  it will involve gardening.  it will involve books.  really...that's me saying all those things.  she's the structured one...and says we should have a webinar...or something like meet and plan.  so...we've got a meeting planned for this weekend.  in the meantime...i'll do some gardening. 

i planted six different types of tomatoes this year...and plan to make some some roasting...and share quite a few.  i'll also be growing pumpkins again this year...but i'm trying another variety. 


  1. o! that sounds really great! I am looking forward to learn more about your project!

  2. I love reading your blogs, they make me smile. How much area do you have to plant in. We live in town so I just have a small 5X18 foot section in my back yard, but I make the best of it.