Sunday, May 2, 2010

to market...

friday evening i was talking on the phone with my mother...and she mentioned that she might go to the farmer's market on saturday.  so...when i woke up saturday morning...i thought i'd head over to my parent's...and go with her.  

of course...since she didn't know i was coming...i called first to make sure she hadn't gone already...because i didn't want to get to the house...and be the only one there.  

we had a great day...and tried some new things. mother is holding a bunch of satsuma oranges that she purchased.  we tried one when we got back to the house.  they look the skin is very wrinkled...but the inside fruit was very sweet.  

i bought award-winning nago ginger sesame miso salad dressing from these gentlemen.  they were giving out salad samples at their booth.  david's (on the right) dad makes the dressing. 


swiss chard - i didn't buy this...i just like the color.  


my mother has a frog collection in her garden.  

when we left the market...we went to best buy...and i posed with sully and pooh.  it was rather warm out...and i'm sure they were hot in those costumes!    


we hit up a few other stores and a car wash before i returned home.  we had a great day.  thanks mom!

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