Monday, August 16, 2010

gospel by the bay...

last mother and i attended the annual gospel on the bay concert in vallejo.  this was a free event...held at the waterfront park.

my father didn't feel like mrchazman stayed at the house with him.  and...since they weren't need for my mother and i to have to drive...park...and walk a country mile (especially with all the gear we had: cameras, chairs, snacks, etc) i had them drop us off. 

when we were leaving the park...i noticed eugene cole sitting in a chair near the entrance...and pointed him out to my mother.  she went over to say hello...and to let him know there was a particular song she'd been wanting to hear him sing.  he said...he'd planned to sing it...but had received the '3 minutes' signal.  he then asked her if she had the cd.  she replied that she did not.  he gave her a copy.  he then posed for a photo with her.

i telephoned my father & mrchazman to let them know that the concert was over and we were ready to be picked up. 

the weather was nice.  the music was great.  nobody acted the fool (as can sometimes happen at music events...but this WAS i hoped for civility).  we enjoyed ourselves.

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