Monday, September 13, 2010

playing tourist...

my daughter is visiting from new york...and we have so many things we've planned to do...we're scheduling our days.  today...we visited the east bay. 

blue bottle coffee company - she'd seen this on either the food network or the cooking channel..and wanted to give it a try.  i ordered a regular i wanted the pure coffee experience.  

peerless coffee - no...i wasn't in need of another coffee.  they roast coffee AND peanuts.  since we were in the area...i thought i'd pick some up.  

bakesale betty - they were closed (and we knew this) but i had told her about we drove by. i've never been here...but have read about the chicken sandwiches.  one day...i'll give them a try. 

masse's pastries - we went here because i wanted to try macarons (after seeing them on tafari's blog).  

while in the area...a few other places caught my eye...all in epicurious gardenkitchen on fire (cooking classes), kirala (japanese cuisine) and imperial tea court (dim sum). i'll visit them another day. 

taylor's refresher -  we drove out to the st. helena location for dinner.  i had the regular hamburger, onion rings & a glass of red wine.  after all...we were in the napa valley.  :)  

next...we're heading east!  there's a sangria i had a couple of weeks ago...and we're going straight to the source!  

stay tuned! 

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