Thursday, February 24, 2011

field trip...

i knew i wanted to go out shooting on sunday.  my first thought was to go to mt. photograph the snow.  i even tweeted about it.  unfortunately...i was the ONLY one that wanted to go.  so...instead...i went to napa.  

napa never disappointments me.  even though the mustard was just beginning to was still a spectacular site to behold.  

the rain had ended for the day.  snow covered the mountain tops.  and beauty was all around...just waiting to be discovered.  

vineyard w/mustard flowers

darioush winery

field of tulips

closer view of the house behind the vineyard 
w/snow topped moutain in the background

darioush - a different focus

i'll get to the mountains one day.  i'm just not sure when. 

there's supposed to be a pretty good storm coming thru here starting tonight.  the snow level's supposed to get down to sea level.  heck...if it gets that low...i might even have snow at MY house.  and if i can bet there'll be photos.  


  1. These are really good. I really like house behind the vineyards.

  2. Lovely scenes. I especially like the shots of the vinyard. We have a lot of wineries here in the Finger Lakes region of NY too.