Tuesday, February 8, 2011


stargazers..., originally uploaded by credd.
the floral celebrity, stargazer lilies are young, bold, beautiful, and dramatic. the meaning of these fragrant flowers can be one of wealth and prosperity, but their white variety can dress down to genuinely express purity and sympathy.

one of the most stunning and perhaps most celebrated lily varieties is the star gazer lily. known for its striking blooms and heavenly scent, the stargazer is a fantastic choice for a number of occasions. delicate, bold, and fragrant all at once, stargazers can say congratulations, i'm sorry, and everything in between.

the lily family has traditionally represented innocence and purity. these motifs appeared as far back as ancient greek and roman civilizations and reappeared in biblical traditions. stargazer lilies have come to be associated with these meanings, but they've taken on additional meanings as well. white stargazer lilies, in particular, have come to characterize a sense of purity and are often used as an expression of sympathy . the pink varieties are also considered symbolic of wealth and prosperity, as well being as a sign of aspiration.

of the many different lilies that are available today, the stargazer lily is one of the true stand-outs. its spectacular blooms, which can range in color from pure white to the more familiar shades of deep pink, can make a definite impression. its dazzling appearance and seductive scent has resulted in a flower that can really make an entrance. stargazers are floral celebrities – bold, beautiful and dramatic – and they're sure to make that statement for you, whatever the occasion may be.


history & meaning from pro flowers.


  1. Gorgeous capture Credd. I tried growing these twice a few years ago. Died both times. May try again since the soil is improved. But they are beautiful and the scent is wonderful.