Saturday, July 2, 2011


saucy..., a photo by credd on Flickr.

Saucy Paste Organic Tomato is a heavy yielding, plum-shaped, 2 - 3 oz. red sauce tomato. It makes a great tomato plant for pots or containers. The meaty fruit is borne in clusters of 5 to 10 and concentrated to one picking. The fruit pulls off easily when ripe. Saucy Paste is perfect for a big salsa or ketchup canning session. The flavor is very good, both fresh and processed. The strong plant holds fruit well off the ground, and the solid, meaty tomatoes remain firm and flesh from early summer through frost! Plant out after last frost when the soil is warm, fertile, and well-drained. Be sure to plant tomatoes several inches deeper in ground than they were growing in the pot to give them stability later on. Bred by Dr. James Baggett, Oregon State University, from a cross of Santiam X Roma. Determinate.


• Heavy yielding, plum-shaped, 2-3 oz. red sauce tomato
• Great tomato plant for pots or containers
• Perfect for big salsa or ketchup canning
• Certified organic seed
• Seed comes 30 seeds per pack


info source: iGrow

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