Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the nutcracker...

when i was looking around my parents' kitchen for today's photo project...i spotted a bowl of pecans and the nutcrackers. the silver one in the background reminds me of the type we had when i was growing up. i don't know when they acquired the fancy-looking one on the i'd never seen it before. my parents have acquired some pretty neat gadgets...and i must explore more often.


i love pecans! i prefer them to look like the ones in the photo...instead of the pretty shiny ones in the stores during the holidays.

when i was growing grandfather would send us a box of them every october. he would go into his backyard...and gather them to ship to us. my brother and i always looked forward to receiving it.

when i was in georgia earlier this year...and i was out with one of my cousins...i purchased a bag of pecans and brought them back to california with me.

when i see a bowl on my desk...nutcracker resting next to takes me back to that time...long ago.

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