Thursday, February 4, 2010


feed a cold? starve a fever? the heck with that...give me some drugs!

i can feel it coming on. the scratchy throat. the chills. the slight sinus headache. i refuse to give in. besides...i had my flu shot!

just in case i need some extra help...i've stocked the fridge with juice and fresh fruit...and the cupboards with dried berries.


tuesday's defense...

hot toddy. tea, lemon, honey & whiskey. it didn't cure me...but i felt better!


wednesday's defense...

i didn't drink my usual 5+ cups of coffee...and instead had many cups of tea w/ lemon and lime. it not only kept the chill away...but i stayed hydrated.

i even had some red wine sangria and chocolate for dessert. :)



i went for the super salad. the leafy greens...topped with carrots, nuts and berries...with a squeeze of lime juice for my citrus. heck...i even drank some tea.

but...i'm a bit chilly...and can feel the slight bit of soreness in my throat when i swallow.

i've already called mrchazman...and he's going to pick me up some nyquil. cherry flavor please. it's what i turn to year after year to whip these germs into shape so that i can start feeling like me again.

what's your cure-all?

*** case you want to know what foods contain what...

vitamins and anti-oxidants...
  • a . carrots, tomatoes
  • b . citrus, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes
  • c . nuts, lettuce , veggie oil
  • polyphenols . red wine, cranberries, tea

1 comment:

  1. Yum! Hot toddy!!! I've been sticking to Tylenol Cold and Sinus...but after a month & a half I think it's time to visit the doctors!! Love all these photos!!

    Feel better soon!!!