Sunday, February 28, 2010


i just had a NIGHTMARE of a dream.

i was walking along the coast...and stopped in a new restaurant i saw. the prices were ASTRONOMICAL. $50 for a salad!!! i ate an appetizer.

lunch over...time to head back to wherever the heck i'd come from.

i'm almost back...and realize it's day 100 of my #project365...and i see the perfect photo! i looked down at my camera and noticed that my lens was GONE!!!

i saw the lens on the ground...and a CAT came from nowhere and snatched it up. i chased that damn cat...but of course...he was faster than i was now on the scavenger hunt from HELL.

first i found the lens cap. then the filter. then my macro adapter. finally i found the lens. i'm getting UP now...cause i have had ENOUGH!!!

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