Sunday, June 12, 2011


teacher..., a photo by credd on Flickr.
we spent the day at church in san jose.

mrchazman facilitated a painting class.
i was his assistant.

my assistant duties:
- distributing the painting supplies...
- filling their trays with paints...
- bringing paper towels for spills & cleanups when needed...
- ooh'ing and ah'ing over what the students were doing...
- and taking photos of their progress.

there were 8 students today.
this was the second class he's taught...
and they're already planning the third.


mrchazman filling his palette tray

class introductions

works in progress


  1. Wow he is good. I never too classes but I like the Ross painting class TV shown.

  2. So awesome. I'm totally proud.

  3. @SHAZnyc...thank you! he loves it! he's self-taught. he watches those shows on tv also. this class was taught in the Ross-style.

    @Alecia R...i think he's good at teaching them & he seemed to enjoy it.'s got him painting again.

  4. So this is mrchazman. What a blessed way to spend time together. He does look like he's enjoying it. Nice to see young people using art tools instead of a computer too.