Saturday, June 29, 2013


180/365, a photo by credd on Flickr.
it's national camera day.

my daughter bought this camera for mj on etsy as a christmas present.
today when i picked her up...
we brought the camera with us.

she's been taking (smile)...
and posing (smile again)...
for photos all day.

we're sitting out back...
and she's taking my photo.


  1. Absolutely, love this photo! I'd like a large framed version, pretty please.

    1. guess what? i did an oil painting version in cs6, and emailed it (800 px) to you last night. so...let me know which version you like. :) see...we're connected like that1

    2. oh...and you should have heard her. click! click! lol! it was so cute! know i had to get the camera from the 'toy stash'...and when i gave it to her...i said...take my picture...and she did. then when she was taking my parents' photos...they were in heaven that she knew what to do. :)