Thursday, December 24, 2009

happy holidays...

this morning...we went to marin headlands for a sunrise photo shoot. we left the house a little after six...and arrived at the headlands right before the sunrise.

it was quite nippy out ... 33 degrees as we approached the exit. i'd already had a cup of tea...and had my thermos of hot coffee for the shoot.

after a bit...we went to the other side of the freeway...and took a few photos of the bridge from that angle. we then went to breakfast...and then...on to another location for more photos.

we arrived home in the early afternoon...and it was nap time! i didn't sleep my to-do list was scrolling thru my head...and...i was anxious to get a look at my photos.

***'s time to tackle the to-do list. i have dough chilling in the refrigerator...for gingerbread men; and my chestnut roaster is in the oven the daughter scores the chestnuts.

tomorrow morning...i've a raspberry trifle to put together...before we head to my parents for the day.

the fireplace is blazing...the christmas music is queue'd...and it's time to finish wrapping my presents...while i sip on a brandy & eggnog.


have a wonderful christmas!


  1. Wonderful photos! Always a pleasure to stop by and see what you're up to! Merry Christmas (belated :-()

  2. SImply wonderful. I have a strong desire to photograph the bridge during sunrise or sunset & in the fog. The images are always stunning no matter what time of day.

  3. @maggiegem...thank you! you know...i stay on the go!

    @tafari...thank you! we were hoping for fog...but no such luck. we're going out again on i'm hoping we get some 'weather'.