Monday, December 7, 2009

winter wonderland...

today. in northern california. it snowed.

i'm not talking a little sprinkling. i'm talking...stick to the ground...scrape your car a snowman snow.

and the snow was widespread. livermore. clayton. dublin. moraga. sacramento. everywhere it seems...except the town i live in.

fortunately for me...i have a view of mt. diablo from my office window...which was blanketed in snow. if it's still there this weekend...i will be too.

mt. diablo gets a bit of snow...pretty much every year. but...i don't think it's gotten this much...this early in a long time.

why will i get there this year...when i haven't gotten there in any of the previous years that it's snowed? well...i have a new-found photography friend...who likes to go 'on location' as much as i do.

so...this weekend...she and i are going to the snow.
photos to follow. already knew that. didn't you?

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