Sunday, September 13, 2009

good for what ails ya...

this morning...i woke up with what i thought were allergies. i'm still not 100% sure they're not. i've sneezed a kazillion times...and either i have a temperature...or i'm having hot flashes. but...i promised my mother homemade blueberry've no time to be ill. at least...not yet.

i gathered my ingredients together. measured out the bisquick & put the milk and eggs into a portable measuring cup. so that i wouldn't have to look around my mother's kitchen to find the tools i needed, and didn't want to chance that she might not have any of the ingredients...i took my own. measuring spoons and microplane...lemons, blueberries, vanilla and nutmeg. my recipe also called for a tablespoon of sugar...but i know they have splenda blend in the house...and i will use that instead.

i phoned ahead to make sure they hadn't eaten. my mother didn't answer her i called my father. i inquired about breakfast, and he replied that my mother told him i was making pancakes. i put him in charge of 'bacon'...and told him i was on my way.

when i arrived at their house...i chopped the blueberries, grated the nutmeg and combined the rest of the ingredients.
with each passing minute...i seemed to be feeling worse. my head began to pound...and i was feeling faint. between flipping pancakes...i was going to stand in the doorway...hoping to catch a breeze.

with the breakfast preparation complete...i went to lie down. i awoke feeling better...but knowing that it was more than allergies. my daughter concurred that i was sick when she saw a couple of tweets i'd done...and told me that i'd responded to myself on my facebook page.

i'm writing this post in the car on the ride home...and i plan to have a healthy dose of cherry nyquil upon arrival.

depending on how i feel tomorrow will determine when i arrive in the office. the movers are bringing our furniture...and unfortunately...i have all the i must make an appearance.

it's raining's on...and i'm gonna go grab a bowl of chili before this nyquil kicks in.

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