Friday, September 4, 2009

the great pumpkin...

i think i may finally get to harvest one of my own pumpkins this year.

i've attempted to grow pumpkins once before...and had NO luck at all.

this year...the blossoms continue to form on the plant...and baby pumpkins appear...and then unfortunately...shrivel and die.

except for this one.

this one...i have named 'golden'.

this my biggest pumpkin...and it grows in an urn at the base of the hill in my backyard.

i see a jack o'lantern...pumpkin seeds...and pumpkin soup in my future!


  1. Cool! How big is it? Or, more importantly, how big do you think it'll be by Halloween?

  2. it's not as big as it looks. it's about 8 inches.

    i have to figure out a way to hold it up so that it doesn't fall and break before halloween!