Tuesday, March 31, 2009


i carry this with me everyday. without fail! and i left a couple of items out of the picture. and it all has a special place in my backpack...along with my laptop. no wonder my back hurts!

i run thru a mental checklist every morning when i leave the house. all the chargers go into a bag...then into the backpack ~ check. cameras ~ check. laptop...blackberry & bluetooth ~ check...check...check.

while i make sure i have all of my gadgets with me...i have left the house (and the office) without my purse. and if something stops working...i don't accept that's its broken until i at least dismantle it...and contact tech support. once i've determined that all hope is lost...i will break down and replace it. of course...my gadgets usually don't break down until a day after the warranty expires. *karma

just yesteday...i had to purchase a new bluetooth because every time i was on the phone the person i would be talking to would ask...where are you? and then comment...you sound like you're in a tunnel. well...i spend a good part of my day on the telephone...and those comments got old fast!

now...i must go and add an appointment to my calendar for march 15, 2010...to remind me to give my new bluetooth a thorough once over...before it's warranty expires. check!

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  1. Great photo!! I'm connected similarly to how you are as well. I lost my Nikon Cap somewhere, and its bugging me cause I don't normally misplace that. But great capture!!