Wednesday, March 25, 2009


happy birthday to my grandmother. she would be 92 years old today. she lived most of her life in a small town in georgia. the same town i was born in.

one of the funniest memories i have of my grandmother is from 1990...when mrchazman, my daughter and i went 'home' for christmas. it was the first time i had been there as an adult. it snowed. she said it was because i had finally come to visit. kind of like...hell freezing over!

anywho...we rented a car at the airport and pulled into town at about 9:00 pm. after driving around for a while...i finally admitted i had no idea which way to go...and we pulled over and called my aunt. she drove to the restaurant to pick us up. i was less than 1/4 mile from the house. *that restaurant has some of the best seafood...i go there every time i'm in town.

now for the funny part. my grandmother was only 4'10" (and thats a stretch). well...when we arrived at the house...there she was...jumping up and down...trying to look thru the peep hole in the door as she awaited our arrival. i guess she didn't want to look out the big picture window that was right next to the door. i promptly got her a foot stool...and left it by the she could see future visitors...without the jumping jack routine.

happy birthday, grandmother! i love & miss you! oh...and your bald-headed grand-daughter (that's what she called me when i had cut all my hair off in this photo...cause it used to be half-way down my back) has cut her hair again.


  1. She was jumping to look through the peephole because the Christmas tree was blocking most of the window.

  2. i forgot about the christmas tree. to tell the truth...i still don't remember it.