Monday, March 23, 2009

new beginnings...

we've been living in our neighborhood for a few years...and last year we noticed an abundance of cherry trees in our 'hood and in our city...and they were in bloom. the trees were always there...but had never produced fruit.

next thing i know...mrchazman went to the nursery and bought a small one for our backyard. unfortunately...we had quite a few freezing nights in the winter...and a lot of the plants in our garden didn't make it due to the i was delighted to see the new growth on the cherry tree yesterday.

just like that cherry workouts have been dormant as of this was back to the gym for me. *nothing like a day at the mall trying on clothes in your usual size and having them fit a little snug and not quite hanging right to use as extra motivation!

i don't know if this tree will actually produce any cherries (ever) but i'm going to give it the love and care that it needs to stand a fighting chance. as for this 51-year-old body of mine...i can't go get a new i'm going to give it the love and care it needs as well.

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