Sunday, March 22, 2009


and what princess wouldn't have a tiara.'s my second one...cause after a year of having the first fell out of the car when i was making a starbucks run...and was run over by the car that had been parked next to me.

i'm not sure which was more pitiful...the mangled look of the tiara...or me trying to straighten it out. after about a month of having this crumpled...and beyond repair tiara sitting on my dresser...i trashed it.

after seeing a card by curly girl design about a tiara and needing one to conquer the world...i knew i must have another one. the one in this photo was a gift to me from one of my co-workers. thank you rhonda!

and now...the world awaits!


  1. All bow down to the princes!!!

  2. Congrats that you now have a new one!! Be careful with it! *smile*

  3. my own mind.

    cdrane07...i will!