Thursday, March 26, 2009

gardening time...

i love this time of year. the nurseries are overrun with seedlings. the sun sets later. and the weather is warm enough for me to spend time after work in my garden ~ planting ~ weeding ~ nurturing.

i've been wanting to get to the nursery for a couple of weeks now...but i want to make sure the warmer weather is really here to stay. on my first trip to the nursery...i plan to replenish my herb garden. all five types of basil that i planted last year suffered from frost-bite and i had to pull them up. i'd like to plant them all i loved the look and fragrance of the different types. i still have pesto in my freezer that i made last summer. *i used it in the orzo w/shrimp from a couple of days ago.

i would also like to have more rosemary plants this it has become one of my favorite herbs to use for roasting. rosemary ~ garlic ~ olive oil ~ and sea salt are delicious on root vegetables.

last summer my hair stylist was at the house trimming my hair while i had a lasagna cooking...and i gave her some of well as some herbs to take home with her. her grandson said it was the best lasagna he'd ever tasted. *it was pretty darn tasty. this year...she has an herb garden.

i make my own flavored olive oils...and
also grow tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, radishes, beans, and a few other items. i'm not sure yet what else i'll grow this i haven't seen the offerings yet.

if you don't have the space to put in a full garden...container gardens are wonderful. and don't need to plant four different types of everything (like i sometimes do). a little goes a long way.

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