Sunday, March 29, 2009

flower garden...

i love gardening! i get great pleasure from picking out the plants...planning where i'm going to put them...planting them...and then nurturing them. i have a flower garden...a vegetable garden...and an herb garden.

this weekend we worked on the flower garden. it took us three hours to get everything planted...and afterward i was wiped out. we were barely able to get the plants into the ground before we had butterflies ~ bees and ladybugs coming to investigate.

when i'm out working in my garden...i queue up my faves on the ipod...and can lose myself for hours. one of my current fave cds...heather headley ~ audience of one. 'running back to you' is my fave song from the cd. and...if you're a brandy fan...her new cd ~ human ~ is pretty good. 'piano man', '1st & love', 'shattered heart' and 'camoflauge' are great workout the garden or the gym.

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