Saturday, March 28, 2009

turn out the lights...

light a candle...or two. earth hour 2009 ~ march 28 ~ 8:30 - 9:30 pm.

this is one of the few times in our house that we turn everything off. unless of course...we're not home. we usually have a televison...or two...on at our house. especially on saturdays. i'm usually having a food network marathon day...and mrchazman is watching the art shows during the day...and boxing at night. tonight...we'll sit...and talk.

talk! what a concept! to each other! i mean...i'm talking to you all right now via the blog...and i'm always on twitter...or get the picture...but he and i don't sit and talk a lot.

we've been married almost 30 we know each other pretty well...and we talk...but not for 60 minutes straight. unless of course there is something we need to discuss. like making a big purchase...or planning a of us (me) usually does the planning and then shows the other (him) the info...and then we (me again) decide...i make the arrangements...and we go.

so tonight...we talked about earth hour...and gardening...and our daughter...and looked to see if any of our neighbors had turned off their lights (they hadn't)...and mrchazman counted down how much time was left before the lights could get turned back on.

we were pretty tired because we bought quite a few flowers for the garden today...and worked in the yard this afternoon finishing up the prep work for tomorrow's planting day. now...we're getting ready to watch a movie and rest up for our early morning planting. we got some great flowers...that i'll start posting tomorrow.

if you didn't turn out your lights during earth's not too late. turn off the television and light a few candles. i rather enjoy quiet. i can hear myself think. what about you?

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