Sunday, April 5, 2009

the cuteness factor...

this little water mister serves no real purpose in my garden. it's cute! that's it. that's the reason i purchased it.

if i were to attempt to water my garden with it...i can't imagine how many trips to the faucet i would make. it already takes me an hour to water everything by hand. with a hose.

yes...we have an automatic sprinkler system...but i don't like to wet the tops of the flowers...and only want to water the ground beneath. i know...a good rain would wet's not raining!

i water by hand because i want to soak the the soil in our area is not the best...and tends to dry out rather quickly. also...the plants need that deep-soaking that can only be achieved by rain...or watering by hand.

the flower garden receives sun all day...and the vegetable garden receives sun most of the day. it is the flower garden that needs the thorough soaking. it sits at the base of a to the elements...and the wind and sun tend to dry the soil very quickly.

so...i'll continue my daily backyard watering therapy. ipod attached to my waist. earbuds in my ears...blasting (while i sing badly) to the cd of the day. and i'll continue to admire my little water mister...and the other little water cans that i've purchased over the years. none of them are really used to water my garden...but mainly as accents to it. now if i could just bring myself to use those 'oh so cute gardening gloves'. i'm sure my nails will thank me.

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  1. Great post! This was comforting to read!