Saturday, April 11, 2009

incredible, edible...


since we have so many of them...i had to at least photograph them. even if it is raw. and not decorated.


did you know there used to be a toy called
incredible edibles? yep. i had one. go to the store and buy gummy worms...and they taste good. the 60s...that wasn't the case. you made your own. and they weren't very tasty.

my brother and i would go into our play room...usually because it was raining or dark and we couldn't go out...cause in those days we played outside. all the time.

anywho...he and i would go into our play room...and i'd cook up these critters for him to eat. i'd make spiders and lizards and worms. there were different flavor packets to give the bugs different colors and tastes.

as i'm writing this...i'm recalling the taste and smell. i can only remember a few of the flavors...cherry, root beer & butterscotch. i think i liked butterscotch...but i'd have to ask my brother. i'm older then he is...but his memory is better.

i also had an easy bake oven...and i'd make those cookie-sized cakes...and then have the nerve to want to slice it so that everyone could have a slice. that light bulb sure could cook!

wow. i never imagined taking & posting a photo of eggs would bring back so many memories.

and now...

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