Thursday, April 9, 2009


each year i color eggs. i also make an easter basket with candy and other snacks. then...i take everything to church. for the little...and big kids.

the first year i did of the deacons took an egg...and then asked where the salt & pepper were. i didn't have any...but lucky for mother did.

this year...i'm sick. my mother called earlier to check on me. she said there will be some hungry people after church tomorrow when they discover that i'm not there.

i bought all the candy for my basket a couple of weeks ago...and had mrchazman pick up the eggs the other day. since i already had an 18 ct of eggs...i now have 36. i see omelets in our future.

i'm also going to miss my mother's easter dinner. she's making a turkey and a ham. i love eating her hams...and don't even attempt to make them myself because they never quite taste like hers. she suggested that mrchazman come over and bring me back a plate...but...he's coming down with this flu bug also. :(

so...i'll soak some pinto beans tonight...and let them simmer all day tomorrow in the crock pot. and...i guess i'll roast a chicken...unless one of my brothers takes pity on me...and drives in the opposite direction from his house to bring me some ham.

oh well. if i go to work on monday...perhaps i'll go to my parents house for lunch!

happy easter!

*this post was started on thursday & posted on saturday.

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