Monday, April 6, 2009

i like chips...

potato chips.

i prefer salty snacks to sweet. i can pass on cakes, pies, cookies, etc., but don't leave me alone with a bag of potato chips. especially if you don't want me to eat them.

remember that line from 'devil in a blue dress' when mouse killed jophrey and then he asked easy...why'd you leave 'em wit me? well...that's exactly what i'd ask you if wanted me to 'watch' some potato chips for you.

now if you were to melt that chocolate...and put it on some pretzels...snack food heaven!

today...a co-worker & i went to lunch...and brought back dessert for the rest of the team. she & i got chocolate chip cookies. i guess they decorate the plate with the chocolate chips if you eat the dessert in the restaurant...because they gave us both a container of them 'to-go'. not only have i not eaten the cookie...but i also did not eat any of these chocolate chips. not one!

when i saw them in the box...the thought that came to my mind i gave the cookie to mrchazman...and since i played with the chocolate chips...they will hit the trash.

yes...i did work out extra-hard this morning...but i'll bank those calories until later on this week so i can have my potato chips. 'cause i know i can't eat just one!

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