Thursday, April 23, 2009

more garden goodies...

the other day on my lunch break...i went to my fave nursery. to browse. wink. wink. well...let's just say i wasn't looking for anything in particular.

on my way into the store...i spotted the lemon cucumber plants. i've planted those the past couple years...and have had success with them. since i didn't get a basket...and didn't want to start picking up items before i even got into the store (especially since i was 'browsing') i thought...well...they must have some in the i'll just pick one up back there.

perusing the veggies & herbs...looking for the lemon cucumber plants...i spotted a purple bell pepper plant. i'd never seen those i picked one up to give them a try this year.

if you hadn't guessed...i like to grow the veggies that you can't pick up at the nearest supermarket. i want something that not only looks different...but sparks a conversation.

i share my harvest with & co-workers. heck...anybody can grow a tomato...but not everyone grows an orange-colored, soft-ball sized heirloom tomato...or eight-ball zucchini. remember the cuteness factor?

i ended up purchasing...more herbs & the little ladybug windmill. i will stay away from the nursery for at least a week. (they should have received a couple more shipments by then). :)

this is a photo of some of last year's herbs...

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