Saturday, April 4, 2009


a few years ago...i planted a smallish-sized lavender plant in my garden. it is now a couple of feet tall and a couple of feet wide. it has also sprouted four or five baby lavender plants. it's a good thing that i love the smell of lavender.

a couple of years boss went to france and asked...'what do you want me to bring you?'. my reply...'lavender'. she brought back a lavender soap...which is gone (hint, hint) and a lavender lotion...which i use sparingly.

a year after i planted the french lavender...i also planted spanish & english lavender. the english lavender didn't make it thru the season...but the spanish lavender is still hanging in there. it's starting to get pretty big also.

so this morning when i was working my garden...i decided to prune the lavender it was hanging over the border into the grass...and was spreading into the space where i wanted to plant some other flowers.

now....the plant is pruned...and i have the wonderful aroma of lavender...scenting my home...inside & out.

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